Impact of Camera phones socially

Photography can allow people to capture and gather personal and group memories and sharing that can maintain social relationships as well as expressing their feelings.  Camera phone are being  sold every year that can provide the same opportunities, yet these functions are being updated to give a better experience.

As mobile phones are always in hand and being carried constantly, can allow to capture moments at any time.

Mobile communication is allowing immediate transmission of content that may be via Multimedia Messaging Services, which may not be reversed or can not be regulated.

The camera phone user remains a participant in whatever moment they capture in a photograph. Pictures which are taken on a camera phone can serve to prove the physical presence of the photographer. The liveness of the photograph  comes with it and can allow the photographs be shared through camera phones in order to emphasize their indexing of the photographer.

Camera phones are found useful by tourists and for other common people’s  purposes being cheap, convenient, and portable.  Camera phone enables secret photography. A person can pretend to be simply browsing the internet or usually carrying it in hand and then can capture  a person or place in areas where photography is restricted, or against that person’s wil.. Camera phones  enable everyone to exercise seeing others photos of exercising and also  by quickly communicating to that person . Camera phones are very useful to street photographers, bloggers or social influencers as camera phones can enable them to take pictures of any moment  thus that can allow the artist photographer to get close to subjects and can take more lively photos. 

Being a network connected device, megapixel camera phones play significant roles in crime prevention, journalism, and business applications. They can also be used for activities such as voyeurism, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement. Because they can share media almost immediately,

Apart from street photographers and social documentary photographers or cinematographers, camera phones can be also used by war photographers.The small size of the camera phone is allowing a war photographer to secretly film the men and women who is fighting in a war, thus the camera phone can allow the war photographer in order to document wars while maintaining her or his safety.

Some organizations and places have restricted the use of camera phones and other cameras due to their privacy, security, and copyright issues they pose. Such places may include the Pentagon, federal and state courts, museums, schools, theaters, and local fitness clubs.

The cameras of mobile phones are being used as input devices in  research projects and commercial applications. The use of QR codes which are attached to physical objects. QR codes have to be sensed by the phone using its camera and can  provide an according link to related digital content. Using camera images you can recognize objects. Content-based image analysis can be used to recognize physical objects such as advertisement posters in order to provide information about the object. Hybrid approaches can use a combination of un-obtrusive visual markers and image analysis.